Having a standardized fee for every marine survey is difficult because every vessel has its own set of factors that can change the time and investment of the surveyor involved. Rates are adjusted based on the type of marine survey (pre purchase or insurance) as well as age, location, and size of vessel. I am based out of Wilmington, NC but often travel at the request of my clients.

Keep in mind that if you are getting the vessels wetted surfaces inspected and require a haul out, that specific fee (for the lift) must be paid directly to the haul out facility. Additionally, a marine surveyor cannot and will not run the vessel at anytime during a sea trial.

I would be more than happy to deliver a quote based on your specific needs either over the phone or email in a timely fashion. Once we have discovered your needs, a quote for you will be delivered well before the survey begins.

*Payment must be made on the day of the Survey*

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  • All Major Credit Cards

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