I began my marine surveying career and business after 9 years of active duty service in the United States Navy. In 2015 I began working with Robert J. Eldridge, one of Wilmington, North Carolina’s most trusted and experienced marine surveyors with over 17 years of professional surveying experience. I worked side by side with him and learned how he meticulously examines each and every vessel with precision and detail, providing his customers with an extraordinary product which has made him successful in the industry. As Mr. Eldridge transitioned to St. Augustine, Florida, the idea was born that we would work congruently with each other. Furthermore, I attended the well-known Yacht and Small Craft Surveying course at Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart, Florida. After completion of this course I began my career in the marine surveying industry as a Marine Surveyor. Today, Mr. Eldridge and I continue to communicate on a daily basis sharing information, experience, clients and projects from North Carolina to Florida. He continues to be a source of knowledge and experience while we grow our client base throughout the southeast United States.

As a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®) I am held to a high ethical standard regarding the surveying profession, as well as the way in which I run my business. Additionally, SAMS® requires all members to continuously educate themselves in order to further their knowledge of the marine industry.

Bearing the responsibility as a small business owner; my skill, knowledge, experience and client relationship will always be my priority. I will strive to provide my clients with a thorough understanding of their vessel through a detailed survey in a timely and professional manner. I personally look forward to serving Wilmington, NC and the southeastern United States for years to come!

Jared H Houghtalen

Jared with his wife Leslie, son Henry, daughters Addie Rae and Lucy