“I contacted Jared when I was in need of a survey for a commercial passenger vessel in the Wilmington area.  I was impressed with the quick response that I received from him; not only did he return my email promptly, he followed up with a phone call for more details and then got on the survey in a matter of days.  The report that followed was equally timely, which was a great help in determining whether or not to move forward on this purchase.  His report and pictures gave me a true understanding of the vessel’s condition, and his follow up phone call gave me an equally comprehensive picture.  This was critical, as I live hundreds of miles from the vessel in question and I needed to make a quick decision. I could not have moved forward as quickly without Jared’s professional conduct and insightful feedback.”

Capt. Gelinas – Maine

“I commend Jared in helping us a boat survey that had to be done without us being present. He presented in a confident and efficient manner. His professionalism gave us further confidence. The entire project had several moving parts, and Jared orchestrated things without a hitch. My hat is off to him!”

Tim K. – Wisconsin

“Buying a boat is stressful, buying it without seeing it is almost unimaginable. I was about to board a plan to my Yacht Broker when I was texted that my flight was canceled due to inclement weather. Jared assured me that he would keep me in the loop during the entire process, from sending over short videos to full on emails—whatever it took to make me comfortable was his logo and he lived up to it. Jared provided an extremely professional service with regard to the pre purchase survey. He was most helpful spending time explaining and discussing points identified and recommended fixes to pragmatically resolve. The survey report was delivered the within 24 hours and was presented in a way that was easy to understand and extract key points that needed to be addressed with the Yacht Broker. I have no hesitation highly recommending JHH Marine Services based upon the services provided. If he is not considered local to your marina, fly him in as any additional expenses would be worth every penny!”

Roger M. – New York

“I am truly very happy with the accuracy of your survey and the professional presentation.  The timely service and commitment to keeping your schedule was also a plus.”

 Doug K. – NJ